Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I just finished reading the Lux series by Jennifer Armentrout and the main character Katy had a blog that she loved dearly. I have been inspired to try and blog.

I just went through my old ones from two years ago when I thought I would try and blog and dear lord they are embarrassing. I left a couple up that aren't as bad, but they're still bad.

So on this blog I am going to do the thing that EVERYONE does on the internet. I am going to review shit. Probably throw some random posts in there too. I have guinea pigs they will probably make an appearance... or 5.

Inspired by Katy, I'm going to review books. I also love TV so I will review TV shows. Maybe a movie here and there.

I hope someone reads this, although the thought also makes me nervous. Let's try and make myself relatable. I am 20, almost 21 I live with my boyfriend in a teeny one bedroom apartment. We've been together for 4 years and I love him. We have two guinea pigs that love to eat, they are both girls. As I have said previously I love to watch Tv, read, play video games, and derp on the computer. My boyfriend Tyler (tyty) loves sports and video games. His favorite is soccer and football. Soccer is sort of interesting, football makes me sleep. I work as a Cashier at Walmart and it's really boring but I'm grateful to have a job. Tyty works overnight at Fred Meyers.

 I think that I want to be a grade school teacher and I have completed my transfer degree but I am taking this year off of school. I had a rough time last year being motivated to do any school work and as a result didn't do as well as I want to do in college. So this year Tyty and I are going to save to move to Bellingham where WWU is and save for a car and all that jazz and get remotivated to go to school.

Another thing about me is I'm overweight. I know that and slowly I am getting more comfortable in my own skin. High school was a nightmare, for some reason I was under the impression that I could hide my fat under baggy clothes. My biggest regret is being so damn shy and trying to hide. I really wish I would have just been more comfortable to be me. If there's anyone reading this that's in high school this is what I wish someone would have told me. You can't hide how fat you are. Your classmates know. They know. There's no hiding it so you might as well be comfortable in your own skin, and screw being shy. It's just a big waste of time. You will have so much more fun if you just be yourself. I know it's hard to be yourself when you've been hiding who you are with some people since you were in grade school, but you have to. It will be so much more fun.

I feel like this is enough for one blog post. If you read this please leave a comment, it would be nice to know if someone's there.

Up next I think I will talk about Jennifer Armentrout and the Lux series.